What is the Darwen Town Deal?

The Darwen Town Deal is a once in a lifetime opportunity to kick-start the transformation of Darwen and the surrounding areas.

The maximum bid of £25 million of Government funding has been secured for projects that will improve the lives of our residents.

This major funding boost will allow the Darwen Town Deal Board – made up of experts who all have links to our town – to progress with a range of exciting planned projects.

It also underpins the delivery of the Darwen Investment Plan, worth £116 million, aiming to generate and safeguard over 600 jobs and create and assist over 200 businesses.


Meet the board

There are rules about how the £25m must be spent, with a strategic focus on projects that will enhance and improve Darwen for future generations to come.

Darwen residents and businesses are encouraged to get involved in the Darwen Town Deal and be part of the process.

There will be different chances to offer views and ideas and support the work of the board – helping to shape the final plans.

Keep checking our website for more updates on this in the near future.

The Government earlier made available £750,000 of Town Deal funding to help bring projects forward quickly.

Four schemes were chosen by the board to benefit, including the restoration of Darwen Tower, transformation of AFC Darwen, renovation of Junction 4 Skatepark and funding to look at the feasibility of an elite cricket academy in the town.

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